Restyle Herbal Hobo Bag Crescent Moon Stars Fern Leaf Witchy Gothic Embroidered

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Herbal Hobo Bag

We know that deep down there is a real witch in every woman, and her soul is full of magic, instinct, and hunches. Her imagination is rich like a wild forest abundant with ferns, moss and all kinds of herbs...

The Restyle hobo bag with embroidery of fern leaves, stars, and a golden crescent is a tribute to feminine nature. It's mystical, and at the same time stylish and very roomy.

This unique gothic sack bag has an adjustable strap decorated with intricate embroidery. It's equipped with a practical pocket on the back (for all important trinkets such as keys or tarot cards). It also has one extra pocket inside to help you organize your things.

Made of soft to the touch velvet, which gives it elegance, and floral motifs are a tribute to the wild side of feminine nature.

Follow your instincts, add magic to the colorless world, and entrust the mundane side of life (keys, wallet and phone) to this beautiful, gothic, embroidered handbag.

Size: 44 x 30 x 10 cm
Material: Velvet (100% polyester)
Color: Black with green and gold embroidering
Graphic on: Front and strap