Restyle Herbal Wallet Witchy Embroidered Fern Leaves Moon Stars Gothic Fairy

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Product Description

Herbal Wallet

Our embroidered, gothic wallet was designed for those who are looking for extravagant, dark, and unusual components of their own style.

The wallet is oblong and made of faux suede, with a faux leather interior. It's very easy and convenient to open with a strong clasp. Its front is decorated with embroidered floral motifs: herbs, ferns, twigs. We're absolutely sure that every Druidess, Wise-Woman, and Herbal Priestess would be very proud of such a wallet!

However, the unique charm and design are not the only advantages of our gothic wallet: once you open it, you'll be surprised with the multitude of compartments. This wallet is simply designed to never stay empty!

Its interior also features a triple bill compartment and a zipped coin pocket. There's plenty of room for credit cards and business cards, as well as two additional hidden compartments.

The frosting on the cake is a place for a picture of your boyfriend or girlfriend, of your husband and all the cats...

Size: 20x11cm
Material: Polyester
Color: Black with green and gold embroidering
Graphic on: Front